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Ten Keys to Unlock a World of Learning

We are a community of faith. We meet Sundays from a. Norwalk, CA. Revland is the place where ministry happens. These are conversations with people who are doing unique and wonderful things for the Kingdom of God. The Holy Jamz Shows are the most talked about urban radio shows that have hit the globe since airing in Jan capturing audiences from around the world.

The original Holy Jamz Show featured guest appearances from mainstream, independent and new coming urban artists. Past guests include Lisa McClendon, Mr. Our goal is to shed light on Hip-Hop and the Urban culture in Christianity. To find it's place in the church.

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This is a ministry. Most leaders struggle to raise money and achieve big dreams, but you can learn. I help you grow, unlock hearts, and move forward. After a year pastoral ministry, Barney Wiget is now a Bible teacher, mentor of young spiritual leaders, and friend of the urban poor.

This podcast includes a number of his most recent audio musings about Scripture and its Author.

10 Keys For Unlocking the Bible Course (Dvd) by Colin S Smith | Koorong

One of the few urban, intentionally Christian, and multicultural colleges in the United States, our mission is to prepare students for lives of significance and service. As an educational partner in the North Park community, the Department of University Ministries exists to help students integrate their faith in God with the way they learn and live. Students, faculty and staff are invited to attend It also has a host of people on the show. I discovered the wonderful world of biblical studies and languages at Multnomah University and Western Seminary and had the privilege o Sharing stories, talks and training on themes of youth and community ministry in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods.

Expect challenging missional content with a focus on bringing transformation. Lakeview Church is a multiethnic, multicultural church located on the edge of the urban and suburban world. We are passionate about God and serving Him through worship, prayer, relationship building, and ministry to children and youth.

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We desire to make our presence strongly felt within the surrounding community and to become a resource for churches throughout the world. Lakeview's lead pastor is Ron Bontrager. Be inspired through video stories of hope, transformation and total life recovery. Help Portland Rescue Mission change the lives of hurting men, women and children. Donate online at www. The Beyond Potential Radio Show is a music industry related talk show dedicated to educating and inspiring Gospel music artists and ministries world-wide.

For more info on the hosts and Beyond Potential visit www. Rescued Nation is a ministry not a church that is designed to change the mental thinking of the youth and young adults throughout the community and around the world to step into the purpose that God has given them. The aspiration of Rescued Nation is to reflect a mission to reach people for Jesus Christ and together become more like Him by tackli Each month we deliver 4 new episodes of the L3 Leadership podcast that will help you grow and develop.

An interview with a high-level leader2. A personal leadership lesson from our Founder 3. A recording of a leadership talk from one of our events 4. Bernard, Sr. November of , A. He stages living ready-mades or transplants experts onto the stage and into the grey zone between reality and fiction, using documentary material and theatrical interventions. Stefan Kaegi will show and comment short videos on recent productions of the Rimini Brent and company talk about faith, vitality, and leadership of the church of Jesus Christ and how it can transform the world.

Texts, discussions and photo documentat Play later. Jesus begins by calling together a group of Jewish males and then his circle of disciples expands to include women and Samaritans and then the risen Christ commissions his disciples to make disciples of all the nations. Throughout the book of Acts, people from a Manny Dominguez joins us on this episode to talk about working cross-culturally as a Latino minister at a historically white congregation.

He discusses his and his wife's experience of moving from their Dominican community of origin in NYC to Fort Worth, Texas and the important lessons about transition and church life that have accompanied thei In this sermon, Pastor Debbie preaches a well known story in a new way.

Is this story about more than charitable food ministries and sharing our resources? We are warned by Paul not to be conformed to the patterns of this age, which represents forces adversarial to God's purposes. More importantly, we are being transformed into the image of Christ, which is the That means a sermon episode, this one is on Luke 15's Prodigal Son, which Noah preached at Crossroads' new building Grand Opening on September 16th, The next Flip Side will be "back to your regularly scheduled" programming since the rental house work will be ooooooover!

Minister from Missions Resource Network, Andy Johnson, joins us again on the podcast to discuss lessons learned from 13 years working in Burkina Faso and through his families' transition back to the US. Specifically, he talks about learning how to manage expectations and transition both going to the field to make disciples and when returning home.

In the interview, you'll hear Doug share the story of L3 Leadership and why we do what we do, how to develop the courage to launch, the power of mentoring and encouragement, and so much more. To download the show notes or to see a transcript Longtime missionary to Burkina Faso, Andy Johnson, joins on this episode to discuss their team's work in participating in a church planting movement. Specifically, he addresses the lessons learned from developing leaders across cultural boundaries for a network of hundreds of churches planted through their efforts in West Africa.

Bound by Evil: Luke 8: Can our world be set free from the evils of racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, and oppression? Let us live a life of worship, not turning back, but pressing on together with endurance. By Scot MacDougall. Series: Re NewText: Romans Title: CommunitySummary: in the launch of this new series Pastor Daniel explores the idea of spiritual formation, and the irreplaceable role that community plays within that process.

It was a question that Ezekiel couldnt answer. The bones were those of Gods people who were spiritually dead, and only God could breathe life into death. Join Liam Goligher as he studies the implications and promises of Ezekiels How can these texts be a comfort when we do sin? By Ryan Pelton. Noah's sermon from By Noah Filipiak. In this episode, you'll hear Doug Smith share 6 things he has learned about leadership in the last year. Sometimes the pains of life can make us feel as though we are disconnected from God but the Bible actually says the opposite. If you as feel like you need more for the task before you this is the message for you.

Join Liam Goligher on No Fal How do we wake up the God within us? Kyle Mills from Forefront Experience and Cory Ozbun of KC Underground speak in this episode about the most important principles and areas of emphasis when forming people for making disciples in long-term ministry.

Specifically they speak about getting beyond training tactics and about healthy ways to set metrics when developing disciple-makers. Series: Old Testament PortraitsTitle: Resisting the empireText: Exodus Summary: despite the fact that the Biblical narrative often times feel ancient when compared to modern events, we often discover that the themes are more relevant than ever.

The opening account of Exodus introduces us to an empire that achieves its will through viole Ezekiels prophecies had come true. The Temple lay in ruins and the city had been leveled.