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Although fear of needles can be worrying for parents, particularly if your child needs regular injections or blood tests, there are ways to improve the situation. All of the ideas here have come from our play specialists , who between them have years of experience of preparing children for hospital, tests, operations and procedures. If you have any ideas of your own or particular activities that work with your child, please contact us to tell us about them.

Before the appointment or admission, think about how your child reacted last time when an injection or blood test was needed. If there were problems, remember what happened: was the room noisy, did you have time to talk to your child about it beforehand, and was local anaesthetic cream or spray used.

If your child was scared, try to remember which aspects worried your child the most as this can vary from child to child. Understanding how your child reacted last time means that you can give us valuable information to reduce the fear this time.

Ask yourself whether your child understands what is involved in the procedure. Some children pick up wrong ideas about what is involved, which can scare them even more.

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Telling your child exactly what happens may reduce his or her fear. You know your child best so tailor the information to his or her needs and level of understanding, but make sure that it is truthful. When you tell your child also depends on his or her level of understanding. For instance, many of us say there will just be a small sting but if a child has experienced being stung, this word can make them worry and refuse treatment. With younger children it is important to reassure them that you will be with them whilst they are having the procedure.

If your child sees you are worried they too will worry and become scared. For more ideas about when and how to prepare your child, see our helping your child cope information. There are going to be times when there either are no options around injections or blood tests or there is no time to offer them. On most occasions, there will be a choice and it can help to involve your child in them, so talk to us to see what is possible.

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In situations where choices regarding timing of a procedure cannot be offered or are limited, discuss what to do after the procedure with your child. They both work by numbing the surface of the skin so the needle does not hurt as much when it is inserted, although your child may still feel the needle going in. The main difference between them is the length of time they take to work and how long they last.

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Cream takes up to an hour to work but lasts for several hours, but the spray works immediately but also wears off after a few seconds. This is not entirely true, so we suggest that you say that they might feel some pressure but it will not hurt. For more information about sprays and cream, please talk to your nurse and read our information on topical anaesthetics. We do not mind children shouting or crying during a procedure, although it helps if you warn us beforehand.

Offering and encouraging your child the opportunity to sing rather than cry can sometimes work as an alternative.


It is important that your child realises that it is alright to make a noise. For most procedures, we will need your child to keep fairly still but shouting or crying is still fine. You could talk about it with the person doing the procedure so that you all know what noise to expect and even join in if you want. I hated it. It was going so fast and when I saw how much blood was taken, I almost fainted. I stumbled a little on my way out with my mom.

I get nervous when I SEE the needle getting inserted into my skin. I always had to look away.

Think about previous experience

My mom said that I will fight and run away to not get my flu shot. So she stop trying to bring me to the doctor. I also think I have this phobia. What happens with me, is that I begin to breath heavy, and then I feel like the walls are closing in. I feel it stems from when I was young, I had to get teeth pulled, and the surgeons were rough, and when I had a panic attack, they told me to stop moving and be silent.

I have this because when I was 12 I was very sick and the doctor gave me some shots and I passed out probably mostly because I was very sick and weak. Ever since then when I get a shot or give blood I will get cold clammy my heart will beat like crazy and I will pass out. I have been able to do flu shots now because the needle is so small but anything else and giving blood samples i cant do it. What I do is when I need to have a shot or give a blood sample I tell the person I need to lay down flat so they will take me to a bed or a chair that leans all the way back, or even on the floor when they do it and of course I look away, and I get through it fine.

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So if you have a similar issue next time ask to lie down and do it and you will be ok. I hate needles they just scare me for no reason and i feel like i am going to die when i get a shot. One reason why i hate them is because my friend smacks my arm all day after them and it hurts super bad.

I think i have trypanophobia, because of my fear on injection. I even cheat on my medical exam at school, because they require us to have blood tests, and the last time i tried to have a blood test i thought i was going to pass out, almost all the symptoms are in me. I think that id rather die than have an injection because of my fear.

I have fear of dogs, every time i see a dog im really scared that they might bite me and i have to suffer from getting a vaccine and sometimes i think i can never overcome my fear of injection. You are not alone, Mrs. I have always thought that I am the King of Trypanophobia. I simply never knew there was such a phobia. But from my childhood I was fully aware of my terror regarding needles. It went way beyond a simple childhood fear of shots.

Just thinking about a needle piercing into one of my veins or arteries sends my blood pressure soaring, my breath leaves me, my saliva dries up, and I begin to feel my feet turn to water. As a man, I generally have no fear of much of anything. Intruders, dogs, gunshots, loud noises, lightning, etc. I know that soon i will need to get injected. I get panic attacks, and id rather die than getting a shot.

I have a severe fear of needles due to an extremely disturbing experience that happened when I was about 6 or 7. I went to the doctor to have blood work, and when they brought out the needle, I literally started screaming and ran for the door. My mother then scolded me, grabbed me by the shirt, and pulled me back over to the chair.

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I was screaming quite loud, so my mother put her hand over my mouth while I cried. I now almost have a panic attack anytime someone even talks about me getting a shot. Thanks, mom. I was My first shot sucked too. Another time, I was having a checkup and out of nowhere my doctor notifies me of getting 2 injections. I had a full blown panic attack and my arms and legs had to be basically pinned against the bed by my dad and a doctor. I have moderate to severe trypanophobia, to the extent that I avoid medical treatment for fear that I might need an injection. In several cases, I have physically resisted medical staff when treatment required one.

Thinking about medical procedures involving needles can almost trigger a panic attack once when I was driving — bad news.

The fear is extremely debilitating. I have I would say the most extreme fear of injections and opted the possibility once of loosing my baby rather than having a needle. I will not ever consent to one even to save my life. I once set off an alarm I was hooked up to thinking I was getting gas to be put to sleep and when I saw the needle the alarm went off and only then did the doctor realize mine was a real fear.

I went back to work as a vet nurse only to realize my phobia had gotten worse and the more I was exposed to having or trying to give a needle the worse I got until I quit. I used to be able to get gas to put me to sleep long enough until they gave me the real needle which worked great but now I just get belittled like a baby for being a sook.