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Hi, I have a question about one of the pictures. I would like to use one of the pictures in a book. Can you please contact me at robert a unitedstateoffans. Hi Zola, greatings from Italy! Hi Zola, thanks for stopping by our blog. Sounds like you live in a fantastic place. But we have fun anyway.

I had so much fun looking at your website, my name is Zola too! Even though I am a mix of many types of dogs I somehow look a lot like you! Thank you! We enjoyed looking at your super website and services.. We love aromatherapy shampoo and essential oils — we like the sound of aromadog products.. All the best.. She is so beautiful. Thank you for running across my blog so I could find you and Zola. Looking at all the pictures of her makes me miss my Riley. I will live vicariously through you until I can bring home another Ridgeback.

These are amazing photos and Zola is absolutely beautiful. You can see her intelligence in her eyes. Makes me want one. Wow — thank you Bella…we are very flattered with your comment especially as you are a wondeful photographer. We look forward to following your blog now that we have found you through Tala the Nubian hound. What a beautiful blog! Unfortunately, my family just lost our beloved Ridgeback and we are really suffering for it. May you and Zola have many happy years together.

All the best to you. Hey there Vikki and Zola! You can check it out here: http Wow…Zola…what can i say? I also enjoyed very much meeting your mum and dad and your grandparents…all exceptional people. Just became a follower. Your pictures are beautiful, I viewed them three times. Love the shot of Zola in the air side-swiping the grounded dog. The look on that dogs face is priceless. Hello Pam — thank you for you lovely message.

We look forward to visiting your Blog about Pet Sitting in Hawaii…my human thinks that must be one of the best jobs in the world xx.

If so, congrats. Yes we love taking photos…Thank you for your comments. Nice to see your website xx. Hi, These are absolutely superb shots. So full of life, expressions and an intrinsic positivity to be alive. Your passion is clearly revealed. Hi Zola and family,how are you all doing?

Thinking of you and sending love to you and all your family. Antonella Leo and Mattia xxx. Hello Zola the Ridgeback from……. Zola the Ridgeback! A friend sent me a link to your site when she saw that your name was Zola! Too bad I hate to swim! I was named after Zola Budd, the great and controversial olympic runner — we both run barefoot! Mom says that I am a princess, and I believe it! I love your website and I wish you lots of fun and many more great adventures!

Hello Zola in New Hampshire Thank you for your super message, it made us smile. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am very flattered to receive a message from a wiser, experienced 11 yr old Ridgeback lady.. Aroooofs from England. Hello Zola, i see the verry nice pictures from you, and a verry nice blog. Hi Vikki and Zola just discovered your website which is fantastic Zola you are wonderful and give some great advice I have just become a new first owner of a Ridgeback which I also call Zola she is 3 months old now and so cute.

I hope I can take some good training advice from you. We also have a 6 year old Weimar called Vetch which she adores. I will definitely continue to follow your blog. Life must be very exciting for you at the moment with your ridgie-pup — hope little Zola is keeping you on your toes. Vetch must be rolling his eyeballs at her energy levels eh? The most important that you need to consider before breeding happy, healthy puppies is your female dog. She need be in heat first before she can breed, which normally happens every six to seven months.

That is why you should wait until your dog is physically mature enough before you can think of breeding her. For some breeds, this may be two or more years of age. But, for most small dog breeds, they mature a lot faster than middle dog breeds and big dog breeds. Great site! We have a 3 year old Ridgeback female named Kira who has, as you can imagine, found her way into our hearts.

My 3 boys absolutely love her. We had her since she was 12 weeks old. I have been on the Depart. I have never traveled with a dog before since she is our first.

Any tips or suggestions from anyone who has traveled with their Ridgeback would be great. Thank you. I was hoping you could help answer some questions. Zola seems to be the have the perfect ridgeback look — strong, broad, with a big round head, not too long of a snout, and most importantly that beautiful reddish brown coat! Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply and keep up the great blog! Yes Zola is a wonderful example of A ridgeback lady. I would love to hear about it. I hope you and your future ridgeback find each other. Regards x.

My name is Mary — we live in Durban where Zola was born with our three Ridgebacks and a dachsie-mix. They are such incredible creatures and we are blessed! We lost our old male 10 last year to cancer and were distraught. It would be great to hear from you! Hi Mary — thank you very much for your message.. I have had a baby boy who is now two…with another one on the way due in May! Zola has a wonderful life here and luckily tolerates my son with great dignity!

I will restart her blog from time to time very soon…thanks to Zola I also went to finish a photography course at a college and I now do a lot of family photography sessions locally and always include the family dogs which people really like. I owe a great deal to my wonderful ridgeback girl.


Thank you for your comments — it makes me smile that you enjoyed the blog…I will be back soon. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Follow my Blog. Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl …a big dog's life! Skip to content. Welcome to my Website! I h ope you enjoy having a look around my website! Share this: Facebook Email.

Like this: Like Loading Don't miss our Wicked Uncle Writing Competition! It was her most prized possession. She could text her friends and call her mum for a chat when she was no further away than the end of the street. Jeremy did not have a phone yet, but he had resolved to ask Uncle Jeff for one for his birthday. Dad held down a steady job, while his brother Jeff had been in the army.

No one else in the family was quite sure what that meant, but it paid well because he was never short of cars, gadgets, holiday homes, and girlfriends. There was just one sign that he was growing out of his bachelor lifestyle. He had been going out with Jessica now for a year, and that was a record.

Before Jessica met Jeff, her parents used to look after her dog when she was at work. Nowadays Jeff found that he was frequently visiting the park with Smoochies. One Sunday morning, when Jessica was on duty at the hospital, Uncle Jeff called to collect the kids and take them for a walk with Smoochies. The kids absolutely adored Smoochies. They did not mind one bit being pawed or licked or jumped up on - and if Smoochies minded being grabbed hold of and hugged, she did not show it. There were plenty of doggy games to play like fetch the ball, or find the smelly socks, or tug of war on an old rope.

Cindy called back and they started chatting:. Jemima had met Cindy on holiday in Cornwall. They'd not actually seen each other since, but had kept in touch by email, texts, and phone calls. Jeff had recently bought a flat on the other side, in South Kensington. Jeff parked near his flat and they walked to the park. It was a glorious Sunday afternoon and loads of people were out for a stroll. Smoochies behaved badly. She chased squirrels, nearly knocked over a roller-blading teenager, and stole a sandwich off some picnickers.

The kids thought all these antics were hilarious. Uncle Jeff was apologising left, right and centre, and calling Smoochies frantically trying to get her under control. They found a space to play fetch the ball, and Smoochies seemed finally to be taking more notice of Jeff. He bribed her heavily with treats every time she brought the ball back and sat with her eyes gazing up at him and tail beating the ground.

He told the kids not to chase her, because that made her run away and not come back when she was called. But then disaster struck! Smoochies spotted a pair of horses. They were being ridden by two young people wearing yellow jackets. She stood pointing her nose at the horses. Jeff knew he had about five seconds to catch her attention:. She glanced at him, and he thought for a moment that the lip-smacking prospect of a treat was about to win over the dogged instinct to chase a strange beast.

But then Jeremy made a dash to grab her collar. She was off, charging towards the horse, with Jeff, Jeremy and Jemima sprinting after her. The two young girls who were riding them were admirably calm as the horses swished their tails and danced around. Of course one kick from a hoof could have done away with Smoochies for good.

And as for the idea of a startled horse throwing off one of the girls - that was unthinkable! Jeff was soon on the scene. He made a dive to catch Smoochies by throwing himself into the sand like a hapless England goal keeper playing against Iceland. Of course Smoochies got away, first darting towards Jeremy and then swerving at the last moment. No matter how embarrassing or difficult a situation is, there is always some idiot that can make it worse.

One duly arrived at the scene. Jeff was furious, but he had no time to stop because Smoochies was off again. This time running up the hill, propelled faster than ever by the fright she had just taken. Now a gang of boys was chasing her, and she kept going in a straight line. She ran into the long grass and disappeared from view.

When she reappeared she was halfway towards Bayswater Road, with Jeff, Jeremy and Jemima a long way behind. They were powerless to stop her and it was with total dismay that they saw her head straight towards four lanes of traffic. By some miracle the lights were red for the traffic on the crossing as she dashed across. But she was still spooked as she reached the other side and ran down a side street.

But the police officers did not help. Indeed, they had more important things to do, like stopping Jeff and telling him he should be in control of his dog. When the police officers had finished ticking him off, Smoochies was round the corner now and completely lost from view. But Smoochies was nowhere to be seen. It rang and rang but she didn't answer. He headed up there and was relieved to find no sign of a squashed dog, but he was far from sure that she was safe because this was central London.

After a good nap you can also find me raiding my mom's garden. She told the technicians I love to pick the red tomatoes but not the green ones. I also love to eat crackers, rye toast, watermelon, and lettuce. I like a good variety. It's important to have a balanced diet. That's what the humans say anyways. Alright, until next time, you can find me porch sitting with my family! My name is Reno! I'm pet of the week for this week at Crago Vet Clinic. I have been staying at Crago Clinic this past week and everyone has grown to love and adore me! While I've been here I have gotten to walk around the clinic many times to visit the doctors, techs, assistants, and receptionists!

When we would go on outside walks I would bound through the grass and take in the warm sun! Finally, I get to go home! I got kisses and hugs from every tech as I left. It was nice being at Crago but I'm excited to go home! I can't wait to play with my best friends Rocky and Blue!

Playing with them is my favorite thing to do! Until next time everyone! My name is Tabby and this is my birth mom, Abby! Our Mama brought us in to see the techs and doctors for our yearly check up! We're a fun couple of pups! She ripped all of the stuffing out of it but she still loves it! She's a really good guard to our Mama, too! No matter where we go she investigates everything to make sure it's safe for us. She's had a couple of litters as well! I'm from her first litter and she had one after me too.

I'm a little more reserved than my Mom. I prefer to snuggle and cuddle with our Mama. I also love to sit at the bottom of our tree and stare at this one squirrel. He sits up in that tree and stares at me and I wait for him to come down. I've never caught him yet but maybe one day. I remain hopeful! But one thing we both share in common is that we love walks! And we really enjoy getting to go to work with our Mama everyday! I'm Naomi! I'm about 4 months old and I'm pretty amazing! My family brought me home recently and I am getting all kinds of spoiled! My Mom and Dad give me so much love and attention I'm never bored!

And anytime I have a free moment you can find me chewing on one of my favorite squeaker toys. I was recently in to see the doctor at Crago and everyone couldn't get enough of me! I got passed from tech to tech being told how cute and sweet I am! It must be very obvious!

She is a nine week old Dachshund puppy that came in to see Dr. Lydic for a new puppy exam this week. Some of Zoe's hobbies include playing with her favorite stuffed octopus, eating coconut dog treats, and sleeping with a stuffed puppy the same size as her. He was in the clinic to see Dr.

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Scott for vaccines this week. At home Marshall enjoys playing with his favorite toy, a squeak turkey, and also chewing on anything he can get his mouth on. My name is Coco! I am one of the happiest pups you will ever meet! I've been coming to Crago for most of my life! I was rescued from a puppy mill and now I'm living the good life! I really love going to the flower nursery with my family!

They people there say I am a 'smile on legs'! I also really like playing with big dogs and especially chasing squirrels! When I'm not busy doing any of that I enjoy a good dogster from Starbucks or a tasty banana! Everyone here at Crago really loves me! They tell me every time I'm here!

Buying Everything My Dogs Touch!

The feeling is mutual! My name is Simba! Also known as Simbalicious! I am no ordinary cat as you can tell!

Pet of the Week

I enjoy the typical cat things like sleeping under the covers, eating salmon and shrimp I like to lounge on their backs while they are walked! My mom says I am one cool cat! And the techs and doctors here at Crago think so too! Not only do I have a cool history and lifestyle but as you may have noticed I have extra toes, too! Since everyone tells me how cool I can it must be true! I'm Ziggy! As you can see I am a very fashionable pup! I have many outfits and my wardrobe continues to expand. All of clothes are made by this very talented Russian woman.

She totally gets my style! I have two siblings but they don't dress quite as sophisticated as me. Personally, I don't care for my hat but mom likes it on me. I guess it's worth wearing it because everyone gives me extra 'oohs' and 'awes'! Other than my amazing wardrobe something else you should know about me is I love to play!

I could play all day everyday! I have a pretty good like here! I'm a lucky pup! I'm Luna! I visited Crago Clinic recently because I wasn't feeling well. I met some of the nice doctors and technicians. Everyone kept saying how cute and fluffy I was but I already know how cute I am. My mom and dad tell me all the time! I have a sister named Trigger who also comes to Crago Clinic. We play all the time!

She's a lab and I'm a goldendoodle so we may be pretty close in size. But we'll see! I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite bone. It's my favorite toy and I love to play with it. I think that is all for now! Time to go play with my sister! Thor and Talla come in all the time to see the Technicians for nail trims. Currently, they are enrolled in Dog Smarts classes, Thor is learning whistle recall and Talla is learning agility. When they are not hard at work on their studies, they enjoy going on walks and running the back yard agility course.

I'm Rocky! Today was my first visit to the vet. It was a pretty fun time! All of the technicians ooh'ed and awe'ed at me from the time I walked into the building. They said I looked like a prince which is funny because that was almost my name but my human sister picked Rocky! I think it fits me well! My family brought me home earlier this week and said I am so smart! They said I am nearly already potty trained and that it's impressive for my age. I don't know about any of that but I sure do love the cookies I get when we go outside. I also really love getting to snuggle with my parents at night!

Sometimes they have me sleep in my crate but I don't really like it yet. They say I'll learn to love it since its my own space! We'll see. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite toy! It's a squeaky bone and it's a big deal to me! That's all for now! I can't wait for me next visit to Crago! My name is Inez!

I'm new to Crago Clinic! My mom brought me in for my first puppy exam last week. I have two lab siblings that I really like. I already rule the roost! I steal their toys and their beds! Mom says that I'm very photogenic. She had so many pictures to show and everyone loved getting to know me! I must be a pretty big deal! The techs all fawned over me when I came back for my exam.

They kept telling me how adorable I was! So I'm thinking it must be true! I'm pretty excited because I think I struck gold with my family! It's going to be a good life! My name is Lincoln! I came into Crago for my yearly exam. I was spotted wearing this year's new line of sheep influenced apparel. Today I chose to wear my hooded jacket with faux trim. Let me just tell you, I am beyond toasty in this chilly weather. I really enjoyed the beef flavored treats that my favorite techs gave me during my exam.

Overall, I'd say it was a good trip to the vet! I'm Cisco Primo Tavi! I came into the clinic this week to get neutered and microchipped. I don't know what those things are but the humans say they're good for me. I'm no stranger to Crago Clinic either. A friend of a vet tech here found me a little while back outside of Prima Healthcare. They said that's why I got the name Primo. They brought me right here and fixed me up. Now another one of the vet techs is my mama! Everyone is so nice here and tells me how handsome I am.

They say I can be sassy, too! Most of the time I get most of my sass out playing with my favorite toys or my brother who is a little less than impressed with my antics. He doesn't think it's very funny when I jump on him or jump into the refrigerator but I get a kick out of it. I'm glad I had the nice techs and doctors at Crago to take care of me.

I'm ready for my next adventure! Lydic for vaccines this week. Milo has aspirations of being a therapy dog and will be starting puppy classes soon. My name Louie and I'm just about 7 weeks old! I had my first visit to the doctors office today! I met some of the nice technicians and a few of the doctors! They let me run around, play, and told me over and over again how adorable I am, but I already know that because my family tells me that all the time!

My dad was telling the technicians how much I love my rope toys! I'm pretty smart, too! I even know to go to bed on command! And speaking of getting comfy my dad also says I love to make blanket forts! I just snuggle into a pile of blankets and BAM it's a fort! And whenever my dad sits on the couch you can bet I'll be snuggled into the corner of the couch! I enjoyed my first visit to the vet! The technicians said they are looking forward to seeing me next time to see how much I've grown! Ginger was in this week to see Dr. Lydic for an exam. Bandit was in to see Dr.

Scott for a new puppy exam this week. My brother and I recently got adopted into our furever homes! My name is Meyer, I'm on the left. My brother's name is Oscar and he is on the right. The humans giggle whenever they first hear our names, we don't know why but hopefully it's a good thing! We recently got our first checks up and things are looking good! The staff at Crago couldn't get enough of us! We are biological brothers so we've been together forever.

Our new mom says that's how it's going to stay! It's a good thing too because my brother and I have a ton of fun playing together! He likes to chase his tail while I love playing with my feather toy! We're pretty smart, too! We opened our Christmas stockings all on our own! We are excited to see what the New Year has in store! My name is Felix! I recently visited Crago Clinic to see all of my tech, doctor, and receptionist friends!

I dressed up in my Christmas sweater, as you can see, because I am all about getting in the Christmas spirit! I really like dressing up in my sweaters! I even have a Santa Hat! I come into Crago Clinic fairly often so I really love surprising the staff! And they look forward to seeing what I'm going to be dressed up like each time too! I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and gets everything they were hoping for. I sure hope Santa brings me that mousey toy I've always wanted!

My name is Henry James! I'm the resident Crago Clinic cat! I was surrendered here after spending many weeks healing from a wound on my leg. Once I was fully healed, I went home but I had some trouble adjusting. My previous owners felt it was better for me to go back to Crago where I was already comfortable. Coming back to the clinic was like coming home! All of the techs and doctors were so excited to see me! You can find me either lounging on the towels, watching the hustle and bustle of the clinic through the window, or trying to sneak a snack from the food bowls in the kennels.

Whenever anyone goes in or out of the kennel they give me a quick hello and a head pat. Sometimes, I try to give them a quick high five as they pass. I can be pretty sassy sometimes but maybe it's because I'm so smart! I've learned some tricks while living here too! I can sit, high five, fist bump, and I'm working on 'lay down'. I take my nightly leash walks through the clinic to get my exercise and greet the front office as well.

When there is a long weekend or maintenance in the clinic one of the technicians will take me home and let me play with their pets! It's always an adventure! I get along very well with other cats and I've only met a few dogs. I guess dogs are okay. Next time you're in the clinic say hey! Unfortunately, she had to have two teeth extracted but luckily she seems to be feeling better already. Tom for an exam this week. Lucy's owners found her when they were on their honeymoon in St. She was following them around Marigot Bay, living under a taxi stand, eating scraps from the resort.

They had planned to leave her at Helpaws rescue where they made a donation. However, the rescue was already fostering at least fifty dogs and by then they had already fallen in love with her. Her new owners got her vaccinated and rushed to the airport where she flew first class in a carrier under the seat. She was so well behaved, nobody knew she was there.

Her owners do feel a little bad she had to move from the tropical weather of an island to Ohio so they are planning on getting her lots of sweaters. My mom and groomer worked together to help me and my brother Charlie, aka Colonel Sanders, grow our goatees just for our costumes. My brother has been practicing with his glasses for over a year! He's mastered them now and in just in time! We sit perfectly for our pictures, as you can see, because we have been very well trained. We had to stop in to see our favorite doctor, Dr. Scott, and show off our costumes.

Browns Plains, Crestmead, Hillcrest & Regents Park Housemates & Roommates

All of the techs, doctors, and receptionists loved getting to see us too! Scott for an exam this week. Gracie Loves the dog park, some of her favorite activities include chewing on sticks and running off with shoes. At home, Cannoli is a cross between a couch potato and a nut case who loves to play fetch and hang out with Mom. Skye was in to see Dr. Zipay for an exam this week. Some of Skye's favorite hobbies include playing with rubber toys and beating up her older sister, Remi, a seven year old Saint Bernard. Kiki enjoys playing with her lobster toy and terrorizing her older sister.

She was here earlier this week to see Dr. Paglia for a new puppy exam. Kato enjoys playing with feather toys and leaping through the air to land on his mom's head. My name is Willy and this is my sister Ellie! Our mom Mandy, who is a technician at Crago, adopted us just this past week! We've been settling in nicely to our new home! There's plenty of space for exploring which is one of my favorite things to do!

Whenever I find something new around I take my time checking it out! Ellie, on the other hand, really likes getting cuddles. She's a bit of a love bug, you could say. When we are not spending time off on our own we love taking dirt baths! I know it sounds crazy but it's quite fun and good for us too! Our mom has all types of animals from cats, dogs,sheep, chickens and even honey bees! We all have our own space of course!

I'm A. I was found as a stray kitten with an injured tail. I've been staying with the nice people at Crago while I heal from having my tail amputated. Its taking some getting used to but I'm already pouncing around my kennel with my toys! I've heard the doctors say my "tail" looks like its healing very well!

Its been so nice recovering here!

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All throughout the day techs, doctors, receptionists, and assistants come back and check on me to make sure I'm doing alright. They say I have the loudest purr they've heard! They also say when I first came in I was feral, whatever that is. I was super scared at first. I spat and hissed at everyone who came up to me.

But after my surgery I decided these people were here to help me and they've all shown me so much love! On a normal day you can find me dunking my toy mice in my water bowl and chewing on litter. Although, I don't think the techs like when I do that. I'll be going to my forever home soon. One of the staff has a sister kitten for me who is a little older than me. We are going to play with all day every day! Pixie was in to see Dr.

Tom for a new puppy exam this week. At home, Pixie enjoys playing with her favorite toy, a hamburger squeaky ball that's the size of her head! Some of his favorite activities include wrestling with his sister Stormageddon , going for walks in Poland Woods, chilling with the family, and playing with his favorite Kong Ropeman toy. Puppy Classes. She came in to see Dr. Scott for puppy vaccines this week. Laci enjoys getting groomed and playing with her horse friend. Some of Nebby's hobbies include climbing up her mom's pant leg, messing up her mom's make up while she's trying to apply it, and doing bad things while being adorable.

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She was in to see Dr. Bockanic for a new puppy exam this week. Bristol enjoys cuddling with her family and always carries her food and water bowl around with her everywhere she goes! Mia came in to see Dr. Tom for an ear exam this week. Mia enjoys playing fetch at home, although instead of catching the ball, she mostly ends up passing the ball back when her nose gets in the way. Lola enjoys swimming, meeting new friends, and dragging all her toys into the center of her playroom. Max is one of our regular patients and often comes in to see Dr.

Tom for exams. When max is not here, he enjoys walking bike trails and sleeping on the back of his couch. JR often comes into the clinic to see Dr. Tom and to get his toenails trimmed. When JR is at home, he enjoys playing tug of war with his favorite monkey toy and chewing on his mom's thumb.

Frankie came in to see Dr. They both came in to see Dr. Kneen for a new puppy exam this week. Mona and Gianna like to spend most of their time at home playing until they both pass out. Ralph was very excited to meet the technicians when he came in to see Dr. Yoko came to see Dr. Lydic for a new kitten exam this week, some of his hobbies include playing with toys and sleeping in his dome bed. Poa was in to see her Uncle Zipay for vaccines this week.

Since retiring from her job at the golf course, some of Poa's hobbies include herding cows and playing in the creek. Bailey was in this week to see Dr. Tom for a new puppy exam. Some of Bailey's hobbies include playing in the fireplace and chewing on squeak toys. Aria comes in regularly to see Dr. Scott, and to get her nails and paw hair trimmed. Simba came in this week to get his nails trimmed. He was being very friendly "talking" to the technicians trimming his nails.

So far one of Rocco's hobbies is to chew on everything in sight! Bink belongs to our technician, Becky, and she spent a day just hanging out at the clinic this week. In this photo Bink was really enjoying the banana she was offered. Lulu belongs to our technician, Mandy, and was in for surgery this week. Let's wish Lulu a speedy recovery so she can get back to camping, kayaking, and all the other things she loves to do. Katie came in to see Dr. Scott for a check up this week.

Some of her hobbies include chasing deer out of her yard and digging for crabs in Florida. This is Roxie, she is an eight year old Dachshund. Roxie came to see Dr. Paglia for an exam this week. She doesn't see very well anymore, but that doesn't stop her performing tricks for Cookies. This is Cooper, he is an eight week old Goldendoodle. Cooper was very excited to meet the Technicians when he was here to see Dr. Scott for a new puppy exam. Meet Jessie, he is a nine year old Maltese.

Jessie was in to see Dr. Scott for an exam today and was so excited to be at the clinic, he kept escaping his exam room to visit the Technicians in the back. This is Tiger 2, he is an eleven week old Yorkshire Terrier. Tiger was in to see Dr.