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The Longbow Hunters (Arrow)

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Rainier -- with Shado managing to kill Magnor in his office despite Oliver intending to frame him for the murder of the drug supplier. The series was an incredibly popular one, garnering an Eisner nomination as well as leading to the first-ever Green Arrow ongoing series.

Arrow Season 7 Villains The Longbow Hunters Explained | Collider

It also helped shape Oliver Queen as a character for years to come, with his actions murdering the man torturing Dinah left him unable to find peace. While the Grell story arc is iconic, it's the New 52 team that Arrow is taking its cue from when it comes to The Longbow Hunters.

Longbow Hunters

The team debuted in Green Arrow Vol. Green Arrow is able to defeat the three villains -- Brick, Killer Moth, and Red Dart -- with help and is then reunited with John Diggle after Dragon attempts to kill him by throwing him out a window.

As that's not exactly the most effective way to kill him, Diggle and Green Arrow fight and eventually defeat Dragon. According to one of Ricardo Diaz's former allies, Anatoly Knyazev, the team has mythical status, so fierce that even the League of Assassins are scared of them. Knyazev says that it's believed that the team died out in the s, but it's soon revealed that after becoming leader of The Quadrant, Diaz has contacted the team and they are now his allies.

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Of the three, only Red Dart has comic book ties to the team. In tonight's episode, Kodiak does have a shield and while it's not clear if it grants him immortality and true enlightenment it proves to be a vicious tool, one that can cut through anything and anyone in its way.

She then lived a normal and peaceful life with a husband and son, but was forced to return to her role as Silencer to protect her family. On Arrow, it's not clear what Silencer's backstory is, but she does retain one of Honor's powers -- the ability to create zones of total silence.

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A device on Silencer's belt appears to be the source of this ability and as seen tonight, is very helpful when it comes to fighting the sonic powers of Black Siren and Black Canary. While there have been multiple villains in DC comics named Red Dart, the canon Longbow Hunters iteration is a bit of a mystery.

Her real name unknown, the character's calling card is her use of trick darts as part of the Longbow Hunters. On Arrow, Red Dart definitely has her trick darts. She puts them to use in multiple scenarious, including taking out technology on the train carrying the weapon Diaz is after.


While Ricardo Diaz may be the primary threat this season, the Longbow Hunters will play a significant role as well, according to series showrunner Beth Schwartz. According to Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity, their threat will be compounded by the fact that Team Arrow has disbanded to keep their immunity deals. It goes back to, what is everybody's cost?