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What are the symptoms of hiccups?

Chronic hiccups can also lead to severe weight loss because they can affect your appetite or desire to eat. Chronic hiccups are very rare, but they tend to happen more often in men than in women. Other people who may have a higher risk of getting chronic hiccups include those who:.

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Treating chronic or persistent hiccups will usually require more than just simply drinking a glass of water. Since chronic hiccups cause health issues and can also be a sign of a larger health concern, the majority of treatments require the help of a medical professional. Treatments depend on the underlying cause and may include:. The cause may also take an extended period of time to discover.

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Conditions that are related to chronic hiccups may include any medical or health issue that involves the autonomic nervous system. While one-time or occasional hiccups are common and resolve quickly, chronic hiccups are very rare and more difficult to treat.

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Living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD involves learning how to manage the condition as well as getting the support and community…. COPD is a chronic disease that affects the lungs and makes it difficult to breathe.

The condition gets progressively worse over time. But there are….

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD a is progressive lung condition that takes several years to develop. The longer you have certain risk…. Length: 8 hrs and 56 mins. Publisher's Summary Set in s Russia, this darkly humorous, tragic, and ultimately heroic novel tells the tale of Vladimir, an eight-year-old Russian boy suddenly stricken with a chronic case of the hiccups. What members say.

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Page last reviewed: 15 July Next review due: 15 July Things you can do yourself to stop or prevent hiccups Although many people find these things helpful, there's no evidence that they work for everyone. Do breathe into a paper bag don't put it over your head pull your knees up to your chest and lean forward sip ice-cold water swallow some granulated sugar bite on a lemon or taste vinegar hold your breath for a short time.