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Shekar, eds. Sports Encyclopaedia. S Volume 1 includes track and field, badminton, basketball, cricket, and cycling. Volume 2 includes hockey, diving, swimming, skating, and pole vaulting. Volume 3 includes soccer, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, and wicket-keeping. Arlott, John, ed. O93 An illustrated dictionary of sport, excluding hunting, fishing, and board and table games, this resource is concerned primarily with those sports-and their participating athletes-that are televised, although ancient sports that were significant to the development of modern sports are also included.

Many of the entries also include a short bibliography. Encyclopedia of International Sports Studies. Location: GV Focuses on the academic study of sport. Group, c Cross, Gary S. Entries not limited to subjects like gardening and football but also include less obvious topics such as smoking, senior leisure lifestyles and beauty culture. Each brief entry includes a bibliography. Deardorff, Donald L. D42 An excellent source on sport history, this purpose of this resource is to introduce the researcher to the issues and theories of sport scholarship.

The focus is primarily American competitive sport and includes essays such as "Sport and American history," "Sports: Business and Law," and "Sport and Gender. Franck, Irene M.

New York: H. Wilson, F73 Hickok, Ralph. New York: Facts on File, H Higgs, Robert J. Sports: A Reference Guide. Santa Barbara, Calif. H53 A guide to sources on sport history, this purpose of this resource is to introduce the researcher to the issues and theories of sport scholarship. The focus is primarily American competitive sport, although the author does discuss foreign influences and uses foreign sports as a point of comparison. Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport.

Great Barrington, Mass. Provides comprehensive coverage of the culture, history, and business of sports around the world. The third edition brings the study of sports into the 21st century by integrating Berkshire's past work on women's sports and extreme sports into a complete sporting library. Includes over updated and new articles on sports management and marketing, branding, sponsorship, sporting goods, and technology. E56 The stated purpose of this three-volume encyclopedia was to assemble information about the history of sport and its role as a societal institution from ancient to present time.

All entries are signed and include rather long bibliographies.

Los Angeles, Calif. Examines the sociological aspects of sports. Edited by Roger Treat. South Brunswick, N. Barnes, M4 Surprisingly comprehensive, this encyclopedia focuses on both competitive and blood sports, like angling and hunting. It also includes information on amateur and collegiate men's and women's athletics, in addition to men's professional sports. Rooney, John F. Atlas of American Sport. New York: Macmillan Pub. Spotlight: Yosemite National Park. Unforgettable Beauty, Plunging Waterfalls. Bracebridge Dinners. Lana Spicer. This charming mountain town is the central hub for North Shore destinations.

California: Luxury. Relax after a day on the slopes. Jeff Enegerbretson. Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space. Ansel Adams. Taste of Yosemite. Majestic peaks encircle a turquoise-blue, year-round playground.

Spotlight: Mammoth Lakes.

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Snowy winters, wildflower summers. As it lay there with the shadows of the mountains brilliantly photographed upon its still surface, I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords. Mark Twain recalling his first sighting of Lake Tahoe. Bear Valley Music Festival. July - August. Courtesy of Bear Valley Music Festival. Deep Canyons, Roaring Rivers. Visit bizarre formations, cinder cones, and a super-salty lake. Tour the eerie remnants of a former boomtown.

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November - December. Explore an outdoorsy adventure town with an artistic side. Guided Adventures. Learn to climb, join a pack trip, and more. Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Look up at and learn about amazing giant sequoias. Must-See State Parks. From Gold Rush history to the 8th wonder of the world, visit these favorites.

Discoveries on the way to Yosemite. Gold Rush history, epic high-country landscapes, hidden wine country, and charming country towns. Kodiak Greenwood.

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Manzanar National Historic Site. Learn about a sobering time in U. Grover Hot Springs State Park. Soak in naturally heated mineral pools. California Welcome Centers in the High Sierra. Discover the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Visit a mini Tahoe south of Yosemite. More To Explore. Jonny Moseley's Night Rainbow. Discover the Inland Empire. See Bald Eagles. Spotlight: Butte County. Butte County Agritourism. Regions Pick a region form the map or the list below to explore. Shasta Cascade 2. North Coast 3. Gold Country 4.

San Francisco Bay Area 5. High Sierra 6. Central Valley 7. Central Coast 8.

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Deserts 9. Inland Empire Los Angeles County Orange County San Diego County. Regions Scroll down to explore the twelve regions of California. View more. Highlights Spotlight: Pacific Crest Trail. Spotlight: Lassen Volcanic National Park. California Welcome Centers in Shasta Cascade. The largest city, Eureka, is roughly a 5-hour drive north of San Francisco—but what a drive: see lush wine country, charming hamlets, spouting whales, and breathtaking sunsets.

Spotlight: Mendocino. While gold is still found in the region, new riches include top museums and art in Sacramento, the state capital, plus whitewater rafting, tucked-away towns, farm-fresh dining, and award-winning wines. Highlights Spotlight: Sacramento. California Welcome Centers in Gold Country. Highlights Spotlight: San Francisco. Spotlight: Alcatraz. Spotlight: Point Reyes National Seashore. Spotlight: Napa Valley. Spotlight: Sonoma County.

Spotlight: Berkeley. Spotlight: Oakland. Spotlight: Santa Cruz. Spotlight: San Jose. Spotlight: Silicon Valley. In winter, enjoy snow sports; in summer, go hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or boating. Highlights Spotlight: Lake Tahoe. Central Valley Running right down the middle of California, this broad region contains some of most productive farmland in the world.

Wine country around Lodi features big, bold reds. Further south, Fresno has a lively arts scene. Highlights Davis. Lodi Wine Country. Spotlight: Fresno. Spotlight: Bakersfield. California Welcome Centers in the Central Valley. Spotlight: Big Sur. Spotlight: Hearst Castle. Spotlight: San Luis Obispo County.

Spotlight: Pinnacles National Park. Spotlight: Santa Barbara. Spotlight: Ventura County. Spotlight: Channel Islands National Park. California Welcome Centers in the Central Coast. Deserts This dramatic region takes up the southeastern half of the state.

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  • Remarkable desert parklands, including Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and Anza-Borrego, provide an extraordinary chance to explore, while the oasis-like allure of Palm Springs, 3 hours northeast of San Diego, offers sunny resort-style getaways, with golf, tennis, spas, and high-end shopping. Highlights Spotlight: Greater Palm Springs. Spotlight: Death Valley National Park. Spotlight: Joshua Tree National Park. California Welcome Centers in the Deserts. Lake Arrowhead.

    Big Bear Lake. Spotlight: Temecula Valley. California Welcome Centers in the Inland Empire. Here, movie stars really do work in Hollywood, play in the surf at Malibu, and shop in Beverly Hills. Looping freeways make the car king, but the region also has a surprisingly good network of buses and light rail—a hassle-free way to explore. Highlights Spotlight: Los Angeles.

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    Spotlight: Griffith Park. Spotlight: The Getty Center. Spotlight: West Hollywood. Spotlight: Hollywood.