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Daniel Hoffheimer. Frederick Mcgavran. James Blue. Angus Jb Higgins. Stuart Kaminsky. John Higgins. Matthew James Higgins. James Arthur. The Story Ever New The ethnic composition of the population, the nature of the insurgency, and the inherent capabilities of the bureaucracy created a unique set of conditions in Malaya. These conditions allowed the British colonial government to implement an effective counterinsurgency strategy that isolated the guerrillas. Higgin s , Jame s B. The data will be helpful in establishing the structural purity of experimental phases and in indexing their diffraction patterns.

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The information will also aid in the determination of changes in the lattice parameters with changing composition, assessing preferred orientation effects, background evaluation, and line With a memoir by sir W. Mcgavran , Jame s A. Higgin s , Daniel J. Hoffheimer , Michael I.

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Cioffi , Michael L. Higgin s , Michael L. Last year, there were some concerts in the old venue on Lafayette Square and some on the Waterfront. This year, all of the concerts will be getting new names and a permanent location down on the Central Wharf on the Inner Harbor.

Buffalo Place President and Vice Chairman Anthony Colucci III says the schedule is being released now but there may be even more concerts beyond the five when there will be a charge. The ECMC campus on Grider Street continues to change, with major construction projects and smaller changes to increase medical care possibilities like the newly-opened Grider Family Health Center. The general idea is that a patient can go to the emergency room or go to the new family health center and get a family doctor.

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With Governor Cuomo putting up millions of dollars to speed Peace Bridge expansion, community activists want to know if more traffic will translate into more air pollution. Air pollution from bridge and Thruway traffic has been an issue on the West Side for years, as has the very high asthma rate turned up in local and national studies.

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There has been very little air quality monitoring, although there was some in an earlier phase of planning for bridge and plaza expansion. The school board made it official yesterday, Interim Superintendent Amber Dixon is one of three finalists for the post left vacant when James Williams retired in September.

The others named and listed with their credentials are Edward Newsome, an assistant superintendent for high schools in Baltimore County Public Schools, and Pamela Brown, former assistant superintendent and chief academic officer for Philadelphia. With two apparent suicide attempts in two days at Niagara Falls, mental health experts say more may be forthcoming. Every year, a large number of people use the waterfall to kill themselves, with the attempt by a year-old man on Monday one of the few where the jumper survived.

Police say there are many suicide attempts at the Falls each year, but not all are reported.

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Law enforcement officials say they need controls and new Albany legislation may provide those controls. Police have busted an array of questionable sources of prescription drugs, from a Niagara County doctor to pharmacies.

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State Assemblyman Sean Ryan says it's hard to keep track because prescription records only have to be submitted within 45 days. Niagara County's political wars aren't being suspended while Nik Wallenda readies for his walk above the Niagara Gorge. Both have criticized City Hall and Mayor Paul Dyster, saying they aren't properly supporting the event. Some improvements still need to be put in place, but some Niagara Falls residents and public officials took time yesterday to celebrate the new LaSalle Waterfront Park.

Built on what was once the Century Club on Buffalo Avenue just south of the Grand Island Bridge, the park gives the public some rare access to the river. A major study in a poverty-ridden section of Toronto found student grades rose, graduation rates rose, and attendance rose when students were fed breakfast.

The study by the The Toronto Foundation for Student Success spent three years giving breakfasts to 6, students in seven middle and high schools in the Jane-Finch neighborhood, one of the city's most troubled areas. The study started with 61 percent of the students ready to graduate. After three years of the breakfast program, 78 percent will graduate. A North Buffalo landmark may soon be turned from a closed library to a small apartment building, depending on a decision from the city's Zoning Board of Appeals. CSS Construction has a deal with the Office of Strategic Planning to buy the former Fairfield Branch Library if a zoning variance to allow building six parking spaces goes through.

CSS President David Pawlik says the project needs those parking spaces to allow the five apartments and office space project to work.

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If you are involved in a dispute, you don't have to go to court and deal with a judge and jury. A second Buffalo police officer who is listed as injured on duty has been arrested and charged with mail fraud and health care fraud. Attorney William Hochul announced that year-old Patrick O'Mara was put on the injured on duty list in February After two periods on light duty assignments, O'Mara was back on the IOD list from September until his retirement on March 31 of this year. Independent medical examinations indicated O'Mara was not disabled, and he was seen walking without a limp when out of the office.

In five weeks Shakespeare in Delaware Park will open with Richard III, the playwright's legendary look at power corruption and violence in medieval England. In the lead role, Tim Newell will travel the stage at the bottom of Shakespeare Hill, at least once the stage is built.

The local cultural community and the school board told separate Common Council budget hearings last night they need more funding. Led by Interim Schools Superintendent Amber Dixon, the Council was given a detailed look at deteriorating finances with cuts in state aid as costs like pensions, retiree health insurance, and teacher salaries go up. Higgins is calling for the land to be sold to another agency, perhaps the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation for one dollar. This is their land. Buffalo police are hoping someone will come forward and identify the man who walked up to a birthday party Saturday night in Martin Luther King Park and fired multiple rounds into people leaving the party.

Mayor Brown spent part of Sunday at the park, trying to reassure the public that the case will be solved swiftly. Some state officials are hoping the surge of Medicaid costs can be eased by cutting fraud within the system. They're carefully following new procedures employed locally by Health Transaction Network which is using a computer fingerprint identification system.

In an early morning communication, Hochul's office reported that an amendment added to the Defense Authorization Act should prevent proposed Pentagon cuts to the Air National Guard. A former Common Council member who is also employed as a Buffalo Police officer is facing federal charges for allegedly abusing sick leave at his job. Police say Robert Quintana, 50, was arrested this morning and charged with mail fraud and healthcare fraud. Quintana has been listed as 'injured on duty' since and has been receiving full pay and benefits.

He had told the Police Department he had severe back injuries from a fall on duty.